Interior Painting

Before the customer is "wowed" by the end result of a professionally and freshly painted room, there are several steps that we go through in order to prepare the room for painting:

  • We rid the room of all pictures and decor.
  • Move the furniture and cover it, as well as chandeliers, in plastic
  • Put masking tape along all baseboards in order to protect them (no worries, we remove it with no trace after the job is done)
  • Cover the floor with industrial drop sheets
  • Patch any imperfections, such as nails pops, cracks, dents, and damaged spots in the walls with drywall compound.
  • We sand the walls to remove any drywall compound excess and any remaining imperfections
  • After this, the room is thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and the dust is wiped out
  • All this gives your walls a smooth and even look and feel
  • To achieve full color coverage and to neutralize the existing old paint or old drywall compound on the walls and to prevent chemical reactions with a fresh latex paint, it is a good idea to prime the walls. We use latex or alkyd primer for older houses.
  • Finally, we apply the first coat of paint. As soon as it dries, we give the wall a light sanding and a second coat of paint is applied. This will make the color more rich and vibrant.
  • At the end, we clean again, and you can start enjoying your freshly renovated room. To see some results of the whole process, take a look at our samples.
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